Application for Spay/Neuter Voucher

  • There is a limit of one (1) spay/neuter voucher per person a year for a single membership and two (2) per year for a sponsor membership. Membership to HSLC is required.
  • The HSLC voucher provided to you covers a portion of the cost of the Spay/Neuter surgery only. The owner is responsible for any additional expenses associated with the office visit and surgery.
  • Each voucher has a 60-day expiration date from date of issue.
  • You must use a Livingston County Veterinarian. For those participating Livingston County Veterinarians reimbursement from HSLC will go directly to them and the amount allotted will be deducted from your bill. For those Livingston County Veterinarians that do not acknowledge our vouchers at the time of your payment-you must send a copy of the itemized bill back with the voucher sent to you and HSLC will send you your reimbursement.
  • Privacy Policy: Information you give HSLC is confidential and won’t be shared with other individuals or organizations
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